Reports related to possible white-collar crime or in relation to human rights and environmental damage.

New Cargojet S.r.l. is committed to acting ethically and in accordance with the law in all its business activities. The goal of whistleblowing management at New Cargojet S.r.l. is to protect the company, its employees and other individuals, as well as our business partners, from harm caused by white-collar crimes such as bribery, cartels, and fraud. It also focuses on human rights, both in our operations and throughout our supply chain.

If you have information about suspected white-collar crimes, suspected human rights violations (such as child labor, forced labor, discrimination, or occupational health and safety violations), or possible environmental harm, we would welcome it and will treat it with the utmost confidentiality.

Whistleblowers can communicate with New Cargojet S.r.l. while keeping their identity confidential.

The following reporting channel is available and can be used internationally: whistelblowing@newcargojet.com


Note on data privacy:

New Cargojet S.r.l. is the controller of the whistleblowing system and collects and processes your data in this regard. These are used to securely and confidentially receive and process information about (legal) violations in connection with New Cargojet S.r.l. business activities, particularly those required by law.

The full data privacy policy can be found at:


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