Bonded warehouse

Do You need a bonded warehouse? Our services are right for You.

Our company can offer warehouses which are authorized by the Italian Customs Agency to be an official bonded warehouse. It is an essential service for those who need to store foreign status goods with suspension of payment of customs duties. Within this suspensive economic system, You can suspend the payment of taxes and duties on the goods you are storing (this sum of money can be paid or internally balanced at the end of the warehousing).

There are several advantages in resorting to customs warehousing. Certainly financial and commercial benefits in deferred payment of taxes (which are not paid if the goods are shipped outside the EU); goods are thus immediately available without burdensome taxation and immediately ready for rapid shipment. With customs warehousing, it is in fact possible to store non-EU goods any length of time, to let You manage in the best way the commercialization of Your goods.

Our company  can offer fully equipped warehouses for all kind of goods and our staff will take care of all the application procedures and documentation required to access this particular type of tax suspension or to follow procedures for definitive importation, at the end of the warehousing, for the entry into free circulation in EU territory.

You can count on a precise and accurate assistance, on warehouses for the Customs deposit, continously monitored and controlled and on an experienced team of professionals who are able to manage every logistic and customs activity in the best way in order to guarantee complete efficiency.

For Your Customs procedures, rely on those who have experience.

Our company has at his disposal adeguate areas for Customs deposit and a team at Your service who can follow all steps of documental and bureaucratic requirements, for a guarantee of safe and punctual service

Do you need
a bonded warehouse?