Temperature controlled shipments

If you need temperature controlled shipments,  we can surely assist you.

If your products are perishable, or need a temperature controlled shipment  and storage in order to preserve their qualities, we can offer a customized service based on your requirements.

As a matter of fact, some products need to be shipped  at specific temperatures, in order not to deteriorate. This is the case for example, of perishable food, of chemical products  and of some electronic equipments.

We can take care of your temperature controlled shipment for every detail, thanks to our highly experienced and qualified staff,  using the appropriate packaging and equipments;   moreover our premises are equipped with temperature controlled areas  in order to guarantee maximum security and  hygiene  to your refrigerated goods.

Our core business is certainly  the temperature controlled seafreight for perishable food and chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry. We can boast several years of experience, and we can guarantee to our clients a  proper and punctual service.

We strictly follow  the necessary steps and procedures to ensure that your products are handled correctly and with the utmost care, from the production warehouse to their destination,  in order to guarantee the maximum integrity of the product upon delivery. 

If needed, datalogger can be put in the container, in order to monitor the temperature during the shipment.

Entrust us for your temperature
controlled shipments