Pallet and goods packaging

If You need a made-to-measure packaging, our services are for You!

We manage over 700 square meters of warehouse space, supported by all kind of services for an efficient, precise and accurate logistic activity. Our operators take care of all the phases, among which the packaging, fundamental for the load security during the handling.

The packaging of the goods on pallet should be adequate for both the commodity type and the type of transport. In fact, it has to protect the load but also facilitate the handling inside the warehouse, with fork lifts and during the distribution phase.

Our company  can supply made-to-measure pallets, which consider the specific characteristics of the goods, in order to make all actions concerning logistics and shipping more efficient, granting maximum protection and security.

In fact, only after having analyzed the load, we can realize personalized pallets, suitable for all kind of weight and dimension.

On the basis of the customers needs and the typology of the goods, we can supply:

  • special packaging with dry ice
  • thermal pallet blankets
  • standard pallet wrapping in transparent or black film
  • coverage in PVC and fixing with plastic seal
  • Box bundling with transparent or black shrink-wrap film

Our company  is dealing with logistics and transports since many years and assures the highest quality and efficiency of the service. We have the availability of modern facilities and we can count on a team of highly specialized professionals, who can carefully follow all the process of warehousing and distribution, taking care of Your goods, granting full security and safeguard.

To provide pallet packaging, rely on who has experience.

Our company can supply made-to-measure pallets in order to package all kind of goods, granting a safe and efficient service.

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