Do you need a warehouse where You can store Your goods?  Our services are for you!

Our company offers you  1000 square meters of shelved and equipped warehouses, in a strategic position to offer our customers a full range of warehousing services, logistics and storage of goods, even dangerous ADR ones.

We can rely upon highly qualified and experienced people able to provide our customers logistics solutions customized to your business needs and type of load.

Our warehouses are in fact, equipped to accommodate and handle all types of goods (bulky, valuable, perishable, fragile, dangerous ...), with suitable areas (including temperature controlled rooms for +2°/+8 °C storage), to ensure the proper conservation and the integrity of your goods.

We have modern equipment and machinery suitable for the packaging, labeling and handling of goods, as well as instruments of surveillance and continuous monitoring for the full security and the guarantee of depot.

Stoccaggio Merci

We follow all the steps from collection to goods warehousing management (picking, packaging, tracking); from the preparation of administrative documents, tax and customs to the distribution of the products. Our goal is to offer a quality service, we know that goods entrusted to us are important to our customers, so we take care of everything with the utmost care and precision.

Our company has always offered both transport and logistics services in order to guarantee to our customers a global solution for the shipments.

We believe, in fact, that it is the only way to ensure full efficiency and safety, reducing the possibility of losing the products.

For your storage requirements, rely on those who have experience.

Our company can provide extensive storage facilities for the storage of all types of goods, guaranteeing a secure and efficient service.

Do you need to
store your goods?