Customs clearance

Need Help for customs clearance? Our services are for you!

Our company supports your international traffic, with customs services, in order to directly take care of all the stages of the Shipment.

We have a team of experienced and competent professionals, constantly updated on customs regulations, either national or international, always ready to take care of all the customs clearance and international transport procedures.

When you need to make an international shipment towards a country outside the European Community, you need to follow a series of bureaucratic procedures of customs clearance.

The Customs agency of each state has among its tasks to control the entry of goods on national territory, so the load should always be combined with the proper shipping documents, stating the nature and the description of the goods, the type, the actual value and the goods that  you are carrying .

Only after all the Customs clearance procedures and the necessary controls which include a possible inspection of the goods, the goods can be released and continue their journey up to destination.
Our Team is always available to answer any  questions or doubts that  concern you and will accompany you through the bureaucracy to better manage all the customs procedures.

Our company follows all the paperwork for the customs clearance of the goods (provision of export declarations, Taric numbers, release for free circulation ...), so as to offer  to our customers a complete, efficient, fast and accurate service.

For your customs procedures, rely upon  those who have experience.
Our company will take care of all the steps to clear the goods to keep you safe and guarantee a punctual service.

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