Our logistics and distribution services

Our company takes care of all the steps for storage and logistics services: collection, packing, handling, labelling and preparing of shipment. 

Our warehouses are equipped to accommodate any kind of goods, including perishable goods, as well as  dangerous (ADR) that needs special attention and / or temperatures for proper storage.

We have large warehouses that allow us to easily organize all the operations of storage and picking. We offer our customers a customized service according to the different needs and type of goods.

We are quipped with storage areas as well as highly trained staff, we can guarantee our customers a safe and reliable service.
Our company organizes directly both logistic and transport in order to have more control over the goods. We know how important and valuable are our customers’ goods, so we are committed to ensure full efficiency to avoid any possible problem.

Our warehouses are continuously monitored and controlled not only by our experienced staff, but also by an efficient security computer system. In addition, we take all necessary precautions to reduce the risk of damage and loss of the products that we have in transit.
Security of the goods is our first concern.

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