General Terms of Shipments

All our business is transacted exclusively on the basis of the New Cargojet Srl General Terms and Conditions, most recent edition.

Under Clause 12.2 of New Cargojet General terms and Conditions, liability for damage/loss to goods, even according to art. 1696 of Italian Civil Code and to all applicable International Conventions is limited:

  • 1 EUR/kg for national carriage
  • 2 SDR/kg (Special Drawing Rights) for sea transport
  • 8,33 SDR/kg (Special Drawing Rights) for land/rail international and multimodal carriage
  • 22 SDR/kg (Special Drawing Rights) for air transport (from the 28th of December 2019)

For more information please see the following link:

General Terms of Shipment of New Cargojet