Chemicals for the pharma industry

If you need air freight shipments for chemical products,  we can surely assist you.

Our core business is certainly the airfreight of chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry. We can boast several years of experience, and we can guarantee to our clients a proper and punctual service for their dangerous or non dangerous products.

The Chemical products  needs to be handled following very strict rules and regulations established to guarantee that the product will keep its integrity during the  transportation process.

Our company has always kept updated on all the regulations for the handling of chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry, and through the necessary procedures we can guarantee the highest quality standards in order to ensure that your product is handled as requested by the regulations.

Our staff is highly experiencce regarding all the documentation/labelling/handling requirements for hazardous chemicals and for temperature sensitive products.

We can take care of your shipment ADR or non ADR  in every detail, using the appropriate packaging and equipments;  moreover our premises are equipped with temperature controlled areas  in order to guarantee maximum security and  hygiene  to your products.

If your products need a temperature controlled shipment  and storage in order to preserve their qualities, we can offer a customized service based on your requirements.

We can take care of all the necessary steps to ensure that your products will be handled correctly and with the utmost care, from the production warehouse to their destination.

We can arrange for airfreight temperature controlled shipments in all the possible ways: 

  • Temperature controlled ULD (cooltainers)
  • Shipments with dry ice
  • Packaging with jelly pack, thermal blankets, and more.

In our warehouse we have temperature controlled areas purposely built for the stocking of chemical products.

Proper packaging is essential to ensure perishables quality maintainance.  Packing strategies might include specialized boxes and packing materials. We are equipped for pallet packaging with PVC cover and relevant strapping.  On request we can supply polystyrene boxes with gel packs, thermal blankets, dry ice,  and other solutions, or data logger for monitoring the temperature during the shipment.

Entrust us for the air freight
shipment of your chemical products